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The Excel Option Calculator ...
... is a one-time low cost program, no subscriptions are required, and the price includes future updates. Read price and purchase details here.
Until further notice the Excel Option Calculator is only Windows compatible.
Microsoft Excel 2002 or later required.

Update October 2017: At the moment selling of the EOC is suspended due to a change in the data source (Yahoo) which has left the calculator not fully functioning.

Working on a solution.


Visualizing and analyzing option positions with a software tool is essential for experienced options traders and beginners alike.

Stay on top of your option trades with my Excel Option Calculator! designed for real-life trading with maximum flexibility.
Version 11 with many new features has just come out. It can handle spread trades with up to 40 trade legs, calls or puts:
  • Flexible Risk Graphs and Greeks Graphs

  • Option Chains

  • Statistical Volatility Analysis Tool

  • Probability Calculator

  • ... and more
diagonal options ratio spread risk graph
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Automatically retrieves data from free Internet sources: option chains, option and underlying prices, dividends and risk free interest rates. Full offline functionality.
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See screenshots in the feature descriptions and in the articles section.
Is option trading risky?
Only if you don't know where your risk is! With the Excel Option Calculator you can perform in-depth analysis of potential trades and comfortably keep track of ongoing trades.
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